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President & Owner

Ricardo "Rick" Rohde

(210) 494-1997

For over 30 years Rick has serviced clients in Central Texas all the way down to Monterrey, Mexico. His experience in cutting tools and precision instruments has helped guide L. Dewitt McCarter for over two generations. The industry has changed throughout the decades but Rick's dedication to superior customer service and tools has remained the same.

Vice President & Sales Manager

Dora Rohde

(210) 494-1997

Dora has been a major contributor to the success of L. Dewitt over it's many years in business. She spearheads all the logistics, documentation and orders for clients in Mexico & Latin America. Her ability to solve logistical hurdles and save customers time & money have been the added value customers have come to appreciate about L. Dewitt McCarter.


Finance Officer

Dora Ann Esparza

(210) 494-1997 ext. 303

Ann has been on staff at L. Dewitt McCarter for over 12 years. Her ability to ensure all financial transactions are meticulously tracked and recorded has proven vital for L. Dewitt and it's customers. She is the principal point of contact for payment remittance, invoicing, refunds and net term accounts.

Inside Sales Associate

Jose Macias

(210) 494-1997 ext. 302

Jose serves as one of L. Dewitt's inside sales representatives. He not only services customers locally but customers throughout Mexico & Latin America. He serves as one of the points of contacts for pricing, availability and requests for quote. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. 

Online Sales Associate

Daniel Esparza

(210) 494-1997 ext. 305

Daniel Has been on staff for L. Dewitt for over 7 years. Throughout that time he has worked to expand L. Dewitt's reach through social media and increase sales utilizing third-party platforms. His role is to assist in providing requests for quote, process online orders and lead in content creation through collaborative efforts with strategic partners.

L. DeWitt McCarter, Inc. is the premier machine tool provider for your business. With access to hundreds of thousands of products from industry leading suppliers for cutting tools, abrasives & precision instruments that are in stock and ready to ship, you can rely on L. Dewitt McCarter to have the right part for your application. We help our customers by providing great pricing, enhanced performance solutions and our commitment to providing the right tool for your application. 

Our goal is to save our customers money, provide personal service and exceed expectations. We strive to be a recognized company within the manufacturing and metalworking industries by leveraging our resources to provide streamlined solutions. Our affiliations with IBC allow us to provide services such as vending, project management, account management, strategic sourcing, price negotiation, electronic purchase order and consolidated billing services plus the quality assurance that IBC brings as a leader in the field, with 20 years of experience working with large and well-known OEMs. Click here to learn more about IBC.