Bijur Delimon

Bijur Delimon lubrication systems and products touch directly or indirectly nearly every industry and application imaginable. For engineers and end users who require the utmost in reliability, Bijur Delimon is the obvious choice.

Specific Product Category Information

Below you will find details of some of the Bijur Delimon products we offer. Contact for a quote.

Industry Applications

Bijur Delimon International excels in providing lubrication and fluid dispensing systems that cater to a wide range of sectors. In the automotive industry, their systems enhance both assembly lines and maintenance operations.

Keep up with your intensive production timetable, assured of enhanced operational efficiency, reduced maintenance expenses, and extended lifespan for your machinery components.

Distribution Elements

Beyond the central lubrication pump, the distribution elements play a vital role in the system's efficacy. These components ensure the even and precise delivery of lubricants to critical points. 

To ensure optimal compatibility, please choose a category below that corresponds to the type of pump you have selected.

Controllers & Monitoring

Controllers serve as a crucial component within a lubrication system, offering essential functionality. They enable the programming and customization of your lubrication system to match the precise cycle intervals required by your machinery.

Popular choices include cycle switches for progressive systems and pressure switches for injector systems, providing reliable verification.