FZB02A28AA03, FZ-B Lubricator Electric, Oil & Grease

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  • FZB02A28AA03, FZ-B Lubricator Electric, Oil & Grease
  • FZB02A28AA03, FZ-B Lubricator Electric, Oil & Grease
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The FZ-B Lubricator is primarily designed for use with multiline progressive lubrication systems. The lubricators are supplied with pump bodies comprising either a single outlet discharging up to 1.2cc (0.073 cu. in.) per rotation of the piston plunger, or two outlets, each discharging up to 0.6cc (0.0365 cu. in.) per rotation of the piston plunger. Discharge is adjustable for each outlet or set of outlets via adjusting spindles located at the top of the pump body. FZ-B lubricators are typically driven by a flange mounted motor or via the machine being lubricated through either a ratchet or rotary drive. Maximum permissible speed of the piston plunger is 10 rpm for rotary drive lubricators and 6 rpm for ratchet drive. A wide range of transmission ratios are available making this lubricator adaptable to meet a diversity of machine requirements.


The FZ-B Lubricator is designed as a single-piston pump with maximum 2 outlets. It is predominantly intended for multiline progressive lubrication systems. The pump is usually driven by the flange motor or by the machine to be lubricated via an oscillating lever or coupling. The FZ-B lubricator has either one combined single outlet with a maximum delivery of 12 x 0.1 cm3 or with 2 outlets respectively delivering 6 times the quantity of lubricant.


The FZ-B lubricator incorporates a single piston plunger connected to a cam plate. Rotation of the cam plate and contact with a pressure cam allows for the suction and pressure stroke of a grooved piston. The vertical grooves align themselves with each outlet or set of outlets during the pressure stroke discharging up to 0.073 cu. in. (1.2cc) of lubricant from a single outlet per rotation of piston plunger or 0.0365 cu. in. (0.6cc) from each of two outlets. Adjusting spindles (6 locations) can be turned clockwise to reduce the volume discharged from a working outlet.

Adjustment of Discharge Rate

The figures 0-4 are stamped on the adjusting spindles. The maximum delivery is obtained in position 4. The volume delivered is reduced by turning the adjusting spindles clockwise. To ensure reliable delivery from the lubricator, output should be no less than 1/4 of the maximum rating.


  • Robust components for harsh and severe applications
  • Grease agitator and reservoir wedge plate assure delivery of grease to piston chamber
  • Adaptability to various drive speeds of the machine to be lubricated, eliminating the need for additional control systems
  • Automatic refill capabilities utilizing ultrasonic high/low level switch and fill port connection
  • Adaptable to gear spray systems
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Additional Information

Bijur Part Number:
Number of Outlets:
02— 2 outlet
Revision Level:
A— Revision A
Motor Options:
02— Ratchet drive 12:1, 08— Free shaft 50:1
Drive Position:
A— Motor or transmission (left side)
Reservoir Capacity:
A— 8 liter (16.5 lb)
03— Ultrasonic level switch & filler valve
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