F531711, Pump PM45-70A 70:1 400LB Air-operated, Grease

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  • F531711, Pump PM45-70A 70:1 400LB Air-operated, Grease
  • F531711, Pump PM45-70A 70:1 400LB Air-operated, Grease
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The PM Pump is a compressed air-operated reciprocating piston pump. This high capacity demand pump is compatible with mineral and synthetic grease and suitable for large installations with long length piping supplying several fluid outlets simultaneously. This pump is mounted directly on 120 lb and 400 lb drums or bulk tote.


This pump is self-priming. To prime it the first time, it is convenient to connect the air supply to the pump while keeping the outlet gun opened and slowly increase the air pressure by using a pressure regulator. Once grease starts flowing through all the outlets, the pump is primed. The pump starts to pump when an outlet valve is opened, for example a grease control gun.

Drum Installation

Mounting with Reinforced Cover (Recommended)

It is recommended to install this pump on a drum using a reinforced cover due to weight considerations, but it is possible to install two different ways. Mount with reinforced cover (part #F418026 for 400 lb drum and part #F418017 for 120 lb drum). Insert pump through the cover and fasten it with the enclosed screws. Insert the pump through the bung opening and fasten the cover onto the drum firmly.

Mounting with Bung Adapter

Mount with bung adapter (part #F360001). Fasten the cover (part #F1938 for 400 lb drum and part #F1936 for 120 lb drum) onto the drum and screw the nut of the bung adapter securely into the 2” bung opening of the cover. Insert the pump through the nut and adjust it with the star nut to the desired height.

Tote Installation

In most cases this pump connect horizontally to a bulk container. The pump bundles the male part of a 3” camlock adapter which will connect to an existing female part on the container.

  • A full range of heavy-duty, high efficiency, air powered piston pumps designed to pump today’s high viscosity greases at high flow rates.
  • Time tested pneumatic air motor with only three moving parts and no springs for minimum maintenance.
  • Aluminum air motor provides good heat transfer and incorporates high thermal efficiency, large diameter air exhaust manifolds.
  • Muffler element design reduces noise levels.
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Additional Information

Bijur Delimon Part Number:
Air Motor Size:
Container Type:
400 lb
Pump Ratio:
Max Air Pressure:
100 psi
Minimum Air Pressure:
20 psi (1.5 bar)
Flow Rate*:
4.5 lb/Min
Air Inlet Thread:
1/2” NPT (F)
Grease Outlet Thread:
1/2” NPT (F) (1”NPT(F) 12:1 Grease Transfer)
Air Motor Effective Diameter:
4-1/2” (115mm)
Air Piston Stroke:
4” (100mm)
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