15323-2, Meter Unit AJB-2

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  • 15323-2, Meter Unit AJB-2
  • 15323-2, Meter Unit AJB-2
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  • Metric thread for 5 lb check valve.
  • Junction type allows meter unit to be threaded into a junction or junction header with a tail tube leading to the bearing. The inlet thread on the “FJ-” meter unit is 5/16-24 to mate with standard junctions and junction headers. The “AJ-” meter unit has the metric-M8xl thread which is very close to a 5/16-24 thread. There are three different “Junction” types identified by the third letters “B”, “C” and “D”. Type “-JB” is the most commonly used meter unit and has a 5/16-24 or M8xl outlet thread for a 5/32 tail tube to the bearing. The type “-JC” also has a 5/16-24 outlet thread but has a tubing connection insert for a 3/32 dia. tail tube. Type “-JD” are thinner than standard junctions and also have closer hole spacing. Type “-JD” are made from 5/16” hexagon bar and have a 1/4-28 outlet thread to accommodate the 5/16 hex compression nut #B3610.
  • British thread tee type, 1/8 BSPT outlet thread and 1/8NPT inlet thread (FB-) is designed for use with a series of junction headers providing various combinations of tubing connections, 2-way, 3-way and 4-way. They are generally mounted directly at the bearing, similar to the “FSA,” but the multiple combinations of junction headers afford great flexibility in the tubing arrangement.
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Additional Information

Thread Type:
Metric Thread
Type, Location & Mounting Parts:
Junction Type
Type, Location & Mounting Parts:
British Thread Tee Type
Flow Rate:
Medium fast (2)
Bijur Delimon Part Number:
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